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Athlete Blood Lab Testing

Optimize Your Performance

We help solve an ages old problem in competitive athletics.  Low levels of key nutrients and the difficulty and confusion associated with investigating the issue In athletes has confounded coaches, trainers and athletes for years.  Low iron in runners, and female athletes in general, is one of the most widely known nutrient issues, yet this and other associated pertinent nutrient levels remain hidden and unexplored, and athletes and coaches are left guessing at what causes training, endurance and performance decline or stagnation.  We provided lab testing of the most relevant and reliable nutrient biomarkers which commonly affect training and performance.  We analyze results using optimized reference ranges which represent the enhanced  nutrient requirement of intense athletic activity.. When nutrient issues are detected, they are easily actionable and we recommend appropriate dietary modifications and suggest specific high quality professional grade supplementation when indicated.

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Find the missing ingredients from your recipe for optimal performance.

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